Monday, 12 February 2018

Country Vacations Oman : Best Food You could ever have

Country Vacations Oman provides you with the best cuisine in the world. Foods served at our resorts are prepared by noted chefs of the world who would prepare top delicious dishes for you keeping every details of your taste in mind. The aroma of the food and its splendid blend of spices would be a complete treat to your taste buds. Apart from that popular local dish such as Al Harees is a one of the popular dishes which is mostly prepared on special occasions like weddings and Ramadan. Al Majboos is a delicious dish that’s made with rice and meat. It’s basically served with layered rice and saffron. Al Madrooba is a traditional middle-eastern dish which is very appetizing. This is served with ghee on top. In short Country Vacations Oman is a complete treat of food for you. Book your tickets now to enjoy unlimited fun and enjoyment.
Country Vacations Oman presents you with wonderful travel facilities when you visit one of the most incredible tourist destinations in the Middle East There's a fort overlooking the town that is 300 years old. When you go here, don’t miss on visiting the surrounding hills. Liwa Oasis; this area has some of the largest sand dunes in the world. This is located south of Abu Dhabi the capital of UAE. Very small villages are clustered in this area. ‘Hatta’ is another famous city in UAE. Pools here are popular. Buy a one-day pass to a hotel in the surroundings and swim in privacy. Country Vacations Oman can provide area shuttles to any location you would want to visit. Country Vacations ensures you that this trip would be a memorable one.

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