Saturday, 2 December 2017

Country Vacations Oman: Your Fitness is our Priority

Functional Training at Country Vacations Oman is very intense and gives results very quickly. Our experts trainers each having experience of over 10+ years are ready to guide you for getting your body back to shape. You just come up with the exact requirements on how you want to turn your body and our gym coaches will make that possible with ease. 
At Country Vacations Oman we provide many other safe facilities for giving proper training to our members. Some of the facilities are safe rubber flooring, Well-lit, air-conditioned interiors, trendy coffee shop and 9 LCD screens are arranged which will broadcast the daily exercises to make it easy for you to workout. There are more astonishing facilities and key benefits with our workouts. 
So, whenever you visit our clubs, hotels or resorts for a 3 or 4 day holiday, spend some time in our gyms and also you will be assigned with personal coach if you need special training.
Country Vacations Oman always believes fitness is everything over the other things. In our busy schedules, we forget to do at least a few fitness activities. Stop wishing and start doing is what we feel. 
We have fitness centres in almost every Country Vacations property. Lately, we even have renovated few of our fitness centres and also equipped with world-class fitness equipment from foreign countries. For this, we have received positive feedback from our members. 
We always feel that good things come to those who always sweat! Also, our rejuvenation centres are very amazing. The spa, fitness centres, steam and sauna are very much amazing. So, get along with your family and rejoice in the most fabulous ambience of Country Vacations Oman.

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