Thursday, 13 April 2017

Country Vacations Oman – Celebrate in Luxury

Country Vacations Oman:

Country Vacations Oman provides the finest amenities for its members and guests. Luxury is what we give to every individual at Country Club. Once you visit, you love to be here again and again because our services are the greatest and you enjoy your every bit of stay here. The food is top-notch. The top restaurants in our hotels, clubs and resorts provide the best quality food which you savor for long time. Each carefully selected ingredient contributes to the greatness of the dishes in our hotel. When you enter our dining area, you feel the fresh flavors spreading all over you. Our food is just joyful jumble. Finally, Country Vacations Oman welcomes you to experience our unforgettable food which you remember for lifetime.

Comfort and opulence everywhere:
Country Vacations Oman provides the kind of amenities that will make you fall in love with the place. The king sized beds can accommodate 3 people comfortably. Every piece of furniture in our clubs is sophisticated and modern. The innovation designs on furniture and in the rooms will entice you more. Our hotels also offer 24 hours live music where musicians play the soothing music. So, you revel in the lap of luxury with all the finest conveniences at one place. What else, does a luxury vacation need? Country Vacations Oman is definitely your ultimate choice for vacations. Come along with your friends or family to enjoy and make wonderful memories to be taken back while going home.

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