Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Country Vacations Oman – We make your Holidays even more Energizing

Whenever we think of vacations, the best leisure club you remember is Country Club. Country Vacations Oman provides its guests with immense facilities that you love. Everyone’s has their favorite travel destination in their bucket list. If Oman is your dream to visit destination, get in touch with us. We always strive to make your holidays revitalizing and inject new energy within you. With Country Vacations Oman, everyday is a new way of seeing things. There is a lot to do and lot more to visit in Oman. Our 24 hour travel desk will assist you in every way possible. Country Vacations Oman hotel has a blend of numerous health rejuvenation facilities which include steam and sauna, spa, fitness centre, a rooftop swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. You won’t find these many wellbeing therapies in any other clubs and hotels. Adding to that, our pristine health conditions will make anyone choose our club. We have been in this recreation industry for this long because of the wonderful things we shaped up for our guests.

Country Vacations Oman also offers its guests with the finest Social Clubbing. Every club of ours is a hub for eternal celebrations which invigorate new energy inside you. Speaking about the trendy fitness centers, these are top-class and filled with modern amenities. Every piece of equipment is of present-days in our club. Country Vacations Oman fitness centers are designed with wellness as its core element. Take our membership card and join our fitness club which teaches physical activities like endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. Country Vacations Oman also offers wide rejuvenation facilities such as Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, weight training exercises and aerobics. The training is provided with personal instructor who gives enough tips on your diet. So, with Country Club, your holidays will not just be entertaining but also energizing.

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